Dell 6k U3224KBA Short note

Back to HiDPI screen after two years, first with LG Ultrafine 27" and now with Dell

  • 32" 6K feels I gain more space compare to 32" 4K (Samsung M7), both are scale but in the different way
  • Compare to Samsung, all Dell controls are on the screen and it doesn't need remote control!
  • A lot number of ports and connections! including the few front ports
  • The speaker and camera on top is huge! It doesn't look as neat as Apple Pro XDR display but not as bad as I thought
  • Camera has physical shutter!
  • Color is not as bad, compares it to Apple display might not as great but, compares to my previous LG I think it's ok
  • Matte screen is fine
  • HDMI port doesn't work with M1 (The scale is wrong) but because of the M1 HDMI is only 2.0 which has less bandwidth to support this solution and refresh rate, however, HDMI port in M3 works perfectly
  • However, connect M1 with Thunderbolt port work